Jan 23 by Ansimuz
Stories - A Letter to Myself - Angel the Mudskipper
Angel: Who are you writing to?
Larry: To myself!
Angel: So...What would you like to tell yourself?
Larry: I still haven't received it, how would I know? hahahaha~

If Larry is writing to himself seriously , he might be suffering from the disease "Dissociative Identity Disorder - DID"

People who have DID have more than 1 souls living in their body. These souls have unique characteristics, they might know the existence of other souls, sometimes they will discuss, and might even fight against each other.

When people experienced great painfulness, they choose to empty their mind to escape from the horrible memories, so the other side of him, which is usually the opposite of his original characteristic would gradually be formed, it makes the patient acts like a different person, a "new soul" is then created. DID might be inherited too.

A psychiatrist would need to find the core soul among these souls, which is the leader of the rest, so it can help to eliminate the other souls. In reality, there were 24 different souls existed inside the criminal Billy Millligan!!


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